Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Several readers sent me this article: 

More Young People See Opportunity in Farming

We're just the latest trendy thing! 

A friend of mine who worked for TechSmith (even longer than I did) just decided to leave to run his wife's parents' winery.  My witty former boss told him he was "this year's Carla."  Farming - it's all the rage.

The Latest DIY Craze?  Say Cheese (and Other Dairy Products)

This article from today's Wall Street Journal was entertaining as well.  Though Kris has made cheese before, I haven't, but I encourage all do-it-yourself-ers to give it a shot! 

Kris said that these cheeses they mention in the article are the easy ones to make - but they still look like a lot of steps to me.  I said I much prefer baking, especially desserts like ... pie.  Thus, the phrase 'easy as pie.'  No one says, 'Easy as a temperature-controlled with lots of steps cheese.'


farmland investments said...

Jim Rogers the great investor tells people to go be farmers too!

Aimee said...

I look forward to hearing about Kris' adventures with the DIY, grow your own wheats and hops, homebrewing process.

Carla said...

Aimee - Ha! Thanks for your support.

Farmland investments - are you really in the British Virgin Islands? Sounds like a great place to invest! : )