Thursday, September 15, 2011


When we got married, my aunt and uncle gave us Cutco knives. They were wonderful! I'd never owned such great cutlery - that actually cut food. Almost ten years and hundreds of meals later ... they really need a good sharpening. Today I was having difficulty slicing a thick-skinned tomato.

Likewise for the chopper. The chopper cuts the alfalfa and corn with knives. Kris was trying to adjust the position of them yesterday, and it wasn't working. It meant that they needed to be changed. So the dealer came today and took off all the old knives and put on new ones.

This is just a maintenance fix that needs to be done occasionally. Kris spent the rest of the day chopping. More tomorrow!

Maybe this'll spur me on to find some sort of sharpener for our home tools. I don't want to have trouble with that banana in the morning.


Badrar said...

I have Cutco too, and they are amazing. You get free lifetime sharpening with them, if you can bare to part with them for a little while and send them in.
And just a word to the wise, be SUPER careful when you get them back. You have to readjust to them being sharp again or you will cut yourself. Not that I'm speaking from experience or anything! :)

Anonymous said...

What great news! I didn't know that! (And thanks for the warning. Much needed. : )

- Carla

Stacey Hansen said...

That might mean that Kris will expect you to cook more. I try to keep that expectation very low in our household!