Thursday, September 1, 2011


All our alfalfa is chopped and put up for the year.

(That's how you say it. 'Put up'. Even if I need to ask about details sometimes, I am fluent in the lingo.)

Since we moved here, we added more cement to the pad to make more room to pile feed on it. Our alfalfa harvest this year covers the entire area of the original cement pad. We still have corn to harvest! So the corn will fill up the rest of the pad.

So, here's a comparison of the first load of alfalfa vs. four cuttings' worth of alfalfa.

And it'll be all gone by next spring, when the cattle go back out on pasture.

I like to imagine my family's food that we're going to eat this winter, all piled up like this. Cows are big animals. But when I'm unloading groceries, I really feel like our family's food pile would be the same size.

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