Thursday, May 11, 2017

A million things to do

Things are going a million miles an hour.  We're trying to do our part of the barn as fast as possible.  Here's Kris compacting the sand that will go under the mattresses.  Then we'll bolt them down and they'll serve as a base for the sand the cows lie on.

(I love how the boys are standing here.)

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They're out on pasture!  This requires using the trailer, sorting them, taking them down the road in multiple trips, and then getting them back in before they learn to stay inside the fence.

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And in the midst of all of this, our corn is being planted (we pay a custom planter to do it) and ... we had our first calf!

The cows were especially excited when moving across the creek.  They were louder than I've ever heard them.

Now they're across the road from my house, so I can see one of my favorite sights ... again!  May really is the best month.  Not from a work-until-you-drop-from-exhaustion angle like Kris, but when this is out your window, how can you not smile?  (And then take a million pictures?)

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