Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Welcome Gateway Elementary fourth grades!


Mrs. Parker and Mrs. Berkhousen's fourth grade classes from Gateway Elementary (plus many adults) came to visit our farm today! 

We are the class farmers for fourth grade at the ag-focused Gateway, which was recently featured in the article - Connecting the classroom to the farm improves mathematics test scores: St. Johns Schools-CMU partnership focuses on Ag-STEM.

I've been to their classrooms, as well as answered many questions by email.  But today was the big day - the day they came to see the calf barn, the free stall barn, and the milking parlor!  

As usual, the calves were adorable, the cows were curious, and everyone had lots of good questions.

A new question I got was: "Does it always smell like this?"  I said yes, but told him to wait a few minutes and he wouldn't be able to smell it any more.  (Like magic, this olfactory sense!)

A new statement was: "I would like to be born from a cow, but still look like this."  We all agreed that would be really interesting to see.

I told them part of the reason we do this is to enjoy delicious dairy products, so we ended with GoGurts.

Thanks to Gateway, their teachers, the parents, Stacey, my mom, and everyone who is helping teach these kids about where all their food comes from.  It may be smelly, but wow, does it provide some good food.

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