Friday, December 4, 2015

Where FB stands for Farm Bureau and not Facebook

This week Kris and I were at the 96th (that's right, NINETY-SIXTH) annual Michigan Farm Bureau meeting.

I've written before about it, because I love, love going.  The people who go are fun, engaged, entertaining, and great to talk to about farming and everything else under the sun.

This year was a little different because for the first time Kris was on the policy development committee.  This meant that before the meeting he and the rest of the people go through all of the policy changes and additions sent in by local Farm Bureaus, make proposed changes, and present them to the delegate body.  (You can listen to him doing a radio interview about some of the issues here.)

The policy development committee members are divided into certain committees, and then they stand in front of the 400ish delegates and read the policy.  Through lots of parliamentary procedure, people approve or do not approve of the changes, make more changes, alter wording, and vote ... and by the end of the meeting every year we have fresh policy to guide our organization.

In between we have speakers (like Governor Snyder who also named today 'Spartan Green Day' - GO STATE!), Farm Bureau President Carl Bednarski, award winners, hold discussion meets, have social events, elect leaders, have charitable events, and have entertainment.  What's not to like?  I even jumped up to talk to Gov. Snyder and Pres. Bednarski at lunch when they were coming around to talk to people.  I'm introverted like that.

Then, it was back to the farm.  We're hauling manure, we're getting our new cows used to our place, we're modifying the feed rations, we're checking on our heifers at our heifer raiser's place, and we're thankful that we have such a large, well-run, well-meaning organization at our back.  (It doesn't hurt that they throw a great party, too.)

Here's to 96 more!

My view as a delegate
I love Grand Rapids

A couple of the super-fun farmers - Keegan and Annie

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