Monday, December 28, 2015


We're having an ice storm right now, and Kris just left to check on our latest ... and LAST calves! The last calf was born the day after Christmas.  As he left for the barn, Kris said he was so glad we're not having any more, especially in weather like this.

My uncle, aunt, and cousins have a dairy in New Mexico and they've been having a terrible blizzard. The highways are closed, so the milk truck can't come, so they had to dump their milk.  The people milking can't drive there - and the ones already there can't leave - so they're sleeping in their house. But there isn't enough room, so people are sleeping on the floor.

We drove 30 miles home in the ice storm tonight, and we were talking about how ice and cold makes everything harder on the farm.  We didn't have a white Christmas this year, which was great, but let's hope the weather gets better for all of the farmers.

We liked Novembers like this ... this was our Christmas card picture.  Thank you for reading all year round, from our family to yours!

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