Sunday, September 27, 2015

Step right up

Our friends Julie and Brent Koopmann - dairy farmers in Iowa - came to visit!  We know them through National Milk Producers Federation so we actually met in Florida, got to know each other in Arizona, visited them in Iowa ... and now put them to work in Michigan!  

I'm kidding, of course.  Brent just stepped right in to help because ... it's what he does too.  (I swear we are better hosts than that.)

Since the summer employees are back in school, Kris has been doing a lot of calf chores.  Above, they're feeding bottles, and below they're using our calf cart.  We have a golf cart with a tank on the back.  We fill it with the milk from our cows and feed it to the calves in their buckets via a hose.  

We love our license plate.  (The answer is yes.)

We also have finished chopping the corn - but we still aren't done.  We have no more space for silage, so we rented an adapter and a combine head.  That way, we can mount them on the chopper and get snaplage to put into bags.  Snaplage is what it's called when you grind up the cobs of corn into easily digestible food for the cattle.

And, we have a new red and white Holstein!  We had a red and white Holstein bull a few years ago, and every now and then one makes an appearance.  My kids might not be covering this in school yet, but at home they get little genetics lessons all the time!

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