Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Roll it

We rented a roller to help compress the pile of corn silage.  It's really heavy and it has the nubs on the roller and it vibrates.  It's a Caterpillar - regards to our old employer!

We've done 110 acres so far (5 entire days of chopping) and have about 130 acres left to do.  Almost halfway!  We store it in a huge pile so we'll have feed for our cattle the rest of the year.

Here's what the chopper looks like folded up to drive on the road.

The soybeans are all turning yellow - we don't grow any soybeans, but we do buy them as a supplement to our feed.  Lots of our neighbors grow them, and I think they're beautiful.  The leaves change on the trees and the leaves change on the ground.

It's a rough time of year, really.  It's hard work with the continued calving and harvest, and the milk price just keeps going lower.  We're really thankful for our great team of people and everyone who bought milk today!

A friend posted this story on Facebook - her son didn't eat any of his lunch today.  When she asked him why, he told her it was because he drank four chocolate milks - that he had taken, not paid for, and no one had noticed.  I think it calls for a new marketing line - dairy!  Good enough to steal!


Today I spoke at the US Department of Agriculture's Mideast Marketing Area meeting in Frankenmuth.  It was super enjoyable, and they had a lot of questions.  Thanks so much to Linda Garrett for inviting me.

I also participated in my first email conversation with the fourth grade class at Gateway North Elementary School.  Gateway is an AG-STEM school, and Kris and I are the class farmers for the fourth grade this year.  They had lots of good questions also, but my favorite was the first one because I've NEVER gotten it before.  It was ... Do you have turtles?

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Aimee said...

Followup Question: Why DON'T you have turtles?

Milk Processing said...

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Carla said...

Aimee - I can't believe how wrong we've been. Turtle milk is obviously the future!