Monday, February 2, 2015

Big snowstorm!

From morning ... until night ... 


We cleaned up from the snowstorm.  We got a lot of snow - 11 inches recorded in Lansing, and a TON of wind and drifting.  Kris got up extra early to push snow so he could feed the cattle.

Here's an example of a drift he had to scoop away:

So he could do this, which is putting the feed from the pile into the mixer to take to the cows in the barn.

Did you know that cows, like a lot of animals, grow a thicker coat in the winter?  Look how shaggy our heifers look!  On their backs ... 

And on top of their heads.  I love this look.

When there aren't serious problems, everything on the farm is beautiful in the snow.  From perfect drifts, icicles and blue sky ... 

to curious cattle and pink cheeks.

Or no faces showing at all.

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