Saturday, January 10, 2015

Wintery week

Tonight Kris and I were supposed to go a neighborhood party together.  He came home from the barn and showered, but he got a call ... a cow had a calf!  This was a surprise calf ... the vet had checked her in May and said that she was "open".  (Meaning she wasn't pregnant.)  

This just happened in the news this week.  A girl didn't know she was pregnant until an hour before she gave birth, and had a 10 lb, 2 oz baby.  Having been pregnant twice, I don't know how this could happen, but it seems to happen all the time.

June 2007
For me, it was hard to miss it.  

To be fair, the cow didn't look pregnant either.  

After the two of them were taken care of, he came back, reshowered, and went to the party.

It was a cold, cold week.  -11 wind chill one morning.  Wind gusts of 20 mph, a little snow.  On Thursday Kris wore five layers on top, two on the bottom.  I posted this picture on Facebook, and everyone kept commenting on his smile.     

Winter isn't just working in the cold ... it's indoor work!  Taxes and health care and meetings, all of which we did a lot of this week.  But yes, Kris always makes time for seeing friends and family.  It keeps him smiling.  (All work and no play makes Kris a dull boy.  Or definitely not as smiley.)    

He also manages to involve the boys in a lot of his work.  For instance, he lets our four-year-old address the employee paychecks and tax documents.

Sort of makes finding your envelope more of a challenge!

We'll see what new surprises are coming this week ... more surprise calves?  A sudden warm front?  An audit? Haha -  just kidding, government.
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Cindy said...

That photo of the employee paychecks made my day! How awesome that Kris lets them help in all aspects of the farm.

Carla said...

Thanks, Cindy! They all pretty much want to be doing whatever their dad is doing at all times. : )