Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Home work

My friend is a crop farmer, and today she wrote about 'what crop farmers do in the winter', because all the dairy and livestock farmers tease them that they only work a few months a year.  This never gets old (to us!)

What this dairy farmer in the winter pictured above does - along with the regular daily work on a farm - is go to meetings.

All the meetings are in the winter, because there's no way you'd get a farmer to a meeting on time during any sort of harvest.  (Or a graduation open house ... or a wedding ... or a funeral.)

Just to name a few, together we have our local, district, and annual Michigan Milk Producers Association meetings.  I've got the Voice of Ag next week.  In addition, he's going solo to a Purina meeting, an extension advisory meeting, and a Farm Bureau natural resources advisory meeting.    

Kris went to a meeting today put on by the MSU Extension office about energy audits.  After he got home, he got out his file of last year's bills to get proof for potential energy rebates.

We marveled at it together.  LOOK AT THAT FILE!  And these are just the paper bills - not counting the ones we get online!

So, farming is more than just the daily outside work - there's the business side of it that you have to tend to every day too.

... This is probably true even for crop farmers.  (See? Always fun.)

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