Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Milk Means More - Jump with Jill - Live Tour!

Joe Matulis, the St Johns elementary gym teacher, won a Jump with Jill assembly for two more schools!  Today was Eureka and East Olive.

The Milk Means More - Jump with Jill show is so fun.  It's informational, entertaining, interactive - and the kids love it!  Everyone is up and dancing and totally into it for the entire hour show.  And why not?  It's a rock concert! 

Jill (Laura Brown) and DJ Devon (Devon Watson) teach about dairy, vegetables, fruit, exercise, and making healthy choices.  For each of the lessons, the kids learn a catchy song and dance.  

This is the third time I've been at a show, and I love it!  It's always a little bit different every time, and the performers are so nice (and nice to my kids.)  They also always say a really nice tribute to dairy farmers.

The invite dairy farmers to introduce the show, and Joe had Fuel Up to Play 60 door prizes for me to hand out.  I asked dairy quiz questions. 

The kids were pumped.

Milk, complete with sunglasses and gold chain.  Milk has never been so chill.

The kids loved dancing.  

Karla Palmer, school nurse, Joe Matulis, gym teacher, Cari Cravotta, music teacher, and two more music teachers in St Johns - 100% dance participation!

 Jill, the milk, and me - sporting our giant J necklaces.

Jill invited kids and adults up to do the Bone Rap!  (All about health benefits of milk ... my clear favorite.)

So hardcore.

I can't say enough good things about the show, and I'm so glad Joe Matulis won it for our schools ... here's to healthy eating and daily dance parties!  Gold jewelry optional.

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Ankita Saxena said...

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Carla said...

Thank you so much, Ankita! I'm glad you liked it. The kids sure did. : )

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