Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Last Crop: the film

Chuck Schultz of  BluePrint Productions contacted me and asked me help promote his film, The Last Crop

He wrote, "The Last Crop is an intimate exploration into who grows what we eat and what it takes to be a farmer in today's America.  At the heart of our story is one family’s determination to address three critical issues facing farmers and our nation’s food system today: the affordability of farmland, the fragile balance of farm succession, and ultimately, the preservation of small family run farms."

He said the film is 75% finished and he's using the Indiegogo site to help him raise the rest of the money.  Since September 16 when this kicked off, he's raised $6,800.

It's a gross understatement to say I'm not much of a movie person.  I watch one or two a year.  But since Chuck reached out to me, is telling a true story about real farmers, and is discussing issues that matter not only to farmers but to all the people who eat ... I wanted to mention it to you.

You can learn more at:


If we were filming a movie here today, it'd be a big plot point!  We're the proud owners of even more cattle!  Today we received our delivery of 28 heifers.  Welcome to our farm!  These are actually from Wisconsin, so I hope they like Michigan as much as we do.

When Kris wasn't guiding cattle into their new digs, he was chopping corn.  Last night a hydraulic line broke during the last load.  (As Kris said, "Better the last load than the first!")  They fixed it and were ready to chop again today.  The boys went and chopped with Kris for a long time.  They LOVE being in the chopper when he chops corn.  It's amazing how powerful that machine is - it just takes down entire corn stalks and chops them into little bits like nothing.  It's super sharp.  Kris cut himself on some part of it the other day, even.  Easy to do!

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