Thursday, September 5, 2013

Chop chop

Kris and the guys are doing the fourth cutting of alfalfa.  But, we don't have as many people working as normal, so everything is going a little bit differently.  In fact, one of our employees is driving a silage wagon for the first time!  It's tricky, (or looks tricky to me), because you have to drive alongside the chopper while it shoots alfalfa out of it into your wagon.  So you have to drive right next to the chopper ... and not run into it.  He had no problem.

I don't like driving that close to anything

We shifted the milking and the feeding an hour earlier today, because the builders needed to get a lot done in one day.  With an extra hour in between milkings, they could get finished!  In one day - and this is impressive - the builders tore out all the free stalls in the holding pen and poured a new cement floor.  Tomorrow they're pouring the walls.  I really like these builders.  They work like farmers. 

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