Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Four wheeling

The new freestall barn and the manure lagoon are working out great so far.  The builders, electrical guys, and cement guys are all still here, working on modifying the existing dairy barn.

Kris has been able to go away on some vacation days, and when I suggested he leave his phone in the car while we went to an amusement park - (woo hoo - Cedar Point!  We are 17 at heart!) - he looked at me like I was crazy.  "I can't leave my phone," he said.  Again, like any business owner, he needs to be reachable!  He took it and didn't lose it on any roller coasters.  But he did take his calls.

He often takes the boys to work with him at night, and today I joined them right as they were about to chase the cows out to pasture.

He said if I was going with them, I could drive the other four wheeler.  (I know people call them quads, but we always called them four wheelers growing up.  I guess by this logic we could call all cars four wheelers too ...)

I said I hadn't driven a four wheeler in a long time, and he said this was a good time as any to learn.  Why not?!

He gave me a quick lesson on how to work it.  He took the three boys with him and I rode by myself.  The funniest part of that is that the boys were safer riding with him - even four people on - than riding with inexperienced me.

It was easy, of course.  I mean, I see the guys here ride them super fast.  Sometimes up on two wheels!  (I assume they're doing it on purpose ...)  I did get a little nervous when I was going down an incline and realized I didn't know how to stop it.  A minor detail.  I really didn't want to slam into the back of Kris and the boys.  But the brakes were like the brakes on ... anything, including bikes, so that took about one second to figure out. 

We rode a little while until I was confident, and so I took one of the boys on mine to even out the loads.

So there we were, the five of us out in the middle of the pasture, riding into the sunset.  It doesn't matter if Kris does have to take his phone everywhere he goes.  All of us being able to go to work with him makes it worth it.

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