Thursday, July 19, 2012

Eating cheese

I had some cheese that got a little moldy.  (I don't know how that happened.  Usually the boys in this house eat food fast enough - long before mold spores can even think about forming.)

I put it outside for the barn cat.  He wasn't around, and as I was returning outside, I saw something interesting.

Three sparrows were eating the cheese.  One of the big sparrows was also feeding it to the little baby sparrow.

Thanks to smart phone technology, I immediately googled 'Do birds eat cheese?'  I saw that tons of people had asked it before me, and that several sites assured me birds did. 

Now that I think of it, it's kind of funny that I googled 'Do birds eat cheese' when I was seeing with my own eyes that they did. 

What my real question was ... are these birds eating cheese because they live on a farm?  Is the dairy marketing working on people and animals alike?!

But birds everywhere are eating cheese.  Great!  So, instead of buying bird seed, put out some cheese.  The sites tell me it may even attract different species than you normally see in your yard.

It might also attract cats like our barn cat, who will then eat those birds. 

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Julie said...

That's the truth!! Dogs also love cheese. It's hard not to, really.