Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Today the Lansing State Journal front page showed a sad farmer looking at his even sadder corn.  It was 99 degrees and windy today - a hot wind.  My mom said it was "dust bowl hot" outside.  Really, anything with the words "dust bowl" as a preface is not going to be a positive.  Dust bowl fashion!  Dust bowl fine dining!  Doesn't work.

The road commission was digging a ditch on our road so we couldn't drive down to the calf barn.  I had friends (and their kids) visiting from out of town and out of state.  It seemed much more pleasant to stay in the pool than to walk down to the barn. 

They were leaving and my friend Leslie said, "Well, we didn't go on a farm tour this year, so I guess that means ... we won't make the blog."  Instead, we all praised ice cream and discussed how many teats a cow has on her udder.  Always a learning experience for the kids!

There's thunder and lightning outside.  The forecast says there's a 100% chance of rain tonight.  I'm hoping they're right.

The weather did produce a beautiful sunset view.  It helps that it looks out over irrigated pasture.  It was dust bowl pretty.

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