Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Fair Week

It's the 4-H Fair!  Kris and I both led cattle and had projects at our fairs, our siblings did, our parents did, our grandparents were leaders ... the connection is long and storied!  Until now our kids have just enjoyed attending the fair, but this year our twins had prospect beef steers.  They worked very hard on teaching them and leading them (way, way more than I ever remember working with my calf), and yesterday they showed them.  They were in showmanship and market, and they did well!  We're spending the rest of the week there taking care of them, and the auction is on Wednesday night.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all the family members, friends, and 4-H people who helped us!

Meanwhile on the farm ... summer is quite the time.  Sentences like, "Seven calves were born before noon," "My phone battery died hours ago," "It's just one thing after another," are pretty much an every day type of thing.  Let's hope the month of August is boring and predictable ... and that someone invents a phone battery that actually lasts an entire day.

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