Friday, June 17, 2016

Why we do what we do

Photo credit: Natalina Sents, Beck's Hybrids

As I reported before, Natalina Sents is traveling all 50 states this year to honor farmers.  She is writing farmers' stories on the 'Why I Farm' site by Beck's, too.

She posted her story about us, and I'm so glad that she captured what Kris said.  It's nice for us to read back on it on the longest days, when he is working every waking hour!  (80 heifer calves and counting!)

“You think about all the things that go into a dairy farm. Growing the crops, maintaining the machinery, and milking the cows. This is the finished product that we come up with every day. We really have a lot of pride in all this work that we all do culminates into that product. So you really just want to do the best job you can, shipping out a high quality product. The more comfortable, well taken care of and fed the cows are, the more milk and the better milk they’ll give. They have mattresses, and fans, and a nutritionist, and a veterinarian, and a hoof trimmer, because it’s such a symbiotic relationship that we all are taking care of each other. We’re spending all this time and effort regardless. If you end up with just a mediocre product at the end, it’s just not that motivating. We’re trying to do the best job we can for the safety and quality, but also it’s for all of us that work here. We take pride in what we do.”

The entire article is here, on Why I Farm.

Photo credit: Natalina Sents, Beck's Hybrids

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