Monday, January 11, 2016

My, how times have changed

In 1879, my family bought this house and land, and we’ve all been farming it ever since.  I’m often struck by how my ancestors lived here doing the same things we’re doing.  There are some things I’d like to talk to them about though …

1. The house
First off, I love my house, where all my ancestors have lived.  Second, does it really need to be ten feet from the road?  I’m sure when that road was a horse trail it was fine, but now I’m one stumble away from crazies driving 75 miles per hour.  

Also, those cute little saplings on either side of the driveway were probably really a nice idea.  Until they’ve grown so large that they both bear the marks of inexperienced baby sitters, exuberant UPS men, and in-a-hurry family members slamming their vehicles into them.  Really, it’s like the trees are asking for it.

2. The farm
We know why they moved here from the East – land was available!  Lots of it!  I’m sure cutting down all the trees was no small task, and thanks to them for those rock piles which we’ve used for landscaping.  (It’s kind of funny we just move rocks around – from fields to yards.)  Strangely enough though, we live north of a very important line … the line where rain stops.  We live juuuuuust outside of where it rains.  So close, guys.

3. The upkeep
Thanks to them for all of the long-lasting buildings.  We have three buildings here that are over 100 years old.  However, some of them right now need repairs.  HONESTLY, it’s like every century we have to do so much work around here!  

4. The married-in
My mom recently printed off all of her researched genealogy.  After having tons of kids every generation, my great grandma was an only child.  (Her parents had the farm here.) She married a local guy, and they farmed, making lots of improvements.  So, bringing Kris in as a married-in is just tradition now.  That’s two daughters so far who have been crazy (in love) enough to buy into this whole farming idea!

My great grandparents posing with their children in front of their house,
which is now my house. From left: Floyd, Jean, Ione, and Dale Anderson

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Marilyn said...

I cannot begin to tell you how happy your cousins are that you are on the family farm. Don and I have such great memories of the house, barns and family there. I love that picture.

Rachel D said...

I love the story about your great grandmother keeping the food cold in the what is now known as - the garage. Huge blocks of ice! I have re-read your mom's ancestry that she shared with me just because I love knowing where our ancestors came from! New York! Ireland! Canada! I had known these intuitively ... but now there's proof. Do you think she'll look up the other side for me? :)

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