Friday, April 10, 2015

Milkers milking milk

My lovely friend Lindsay brought her niece and nephew to see the farm.

We were in the parlor with Dave (who I've known my entire life) and his son Ryan (and I've known him HIS entire life.)  Not only has Dave milked on our farm for a long time, but he also has his own dairy farm.

Obviously, Dave likes cows and milking.  But you know what he doesn't like?  We were talking and he said, "I don't drink milk.  I mean, I put it on cereal when I eat it ... like twice a year."

"You don't drink milk?!"  I said, incredulous.  "Do you like all the other dairy products?"

"Oh yeah, cheese, ice cream, butter ..." he said.

"I don't drink milk either," Ryan volunteered. "But I like the rest."

I was so surprised.  Kris came into the parlor and we relayed our conversation to him.  They were all amused that I was so surprised.  But I was!  First of all, because I love milk and rarely go a day without having it, and second, because they're farmers.

One of my first jobs was at an ice cream parlor.  My friend had worked there the summer before, and she said to watch out - she'd eaten so much ice cream that she got sick of it.  I didn't want that to happen ... and it didn't.  I ate ice cream or frozen yogurt there all the time and I NEVER got sick of it.

But you know what I don't like?  I'm not fond of cheese.  Another friend doesn't like ice cream.  Kris doesn't like sour cream.  So, just because we're all dairy farmers doesn't mean we have to like EVERY SINGLE dairy product.  After all, we're producing, not doing all of the consuming.

So, eat and drink merrily today!  Whatever you want.  You know, as long as it comes from a cow.

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rschett said...

I just want to say that I love all of the dairy products. Sour cream, yogurt, ice cream, cheese (maybe not the very stinkiest kind) and plain old milk. Now that my doc told me to get my calcium through dairy rather than supplements, I'm having 3 servings a day.