Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The New Coke milk

Have you heard? Coca-Cola is launching a new kind of premium milk called fairlife.  It has 50% more protein and calcium, half the sugar of regular milk, and is lactose free.  But it's still milk!

This is what they do - they filter it, separate it based on the molecular components of the milk, then recombine them.  They offer a cute video with smiley, colorful molecules to explain the process:

The milk is supplied by Fair Oaks Farms, which owns fairlife, which Coke invested in.

I can't see a downside.  Another milk product?  In a single serving package?  Hooray!  Maybe all the companies will now be fighting over making their own brand of this, just like the Greek yogurt craze.

fairlife also opened with a splash.  (Get it?)  With these pin up ads:

They're controversial and provocative! People made fun of them!  They generated tweets.  Journalists wrote articles about the 'strange and sexy' fairlife milk ads.

When's the last time 'milk' and 'sexy' were in the same headline?  That would be never.

Congrats to Fair Oaks, fairlife, and Coke!  Their product is available in Chicago, greater Denver, and greater Twin Cities right now ... and soon, if I know Coke ... the world.

We'll be here on our farm, cheering on the milk drinking.  In dresses just like these.

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