Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Farm tours

Every summer, we have a ton of visitors.  Granddaughters of friends, neighbors, friends, friends of friends, and family.  We love showing people the farm!

Our cousins came to visit and my cousin's boyfriend made this great video.  He has a little GoPro camera (which even takes video underwater) and made this of our day on the farm.  It captures a lot of the cute little scenes you get to see on a farm with kids, cows, and calves.

As for us ... Kris has been putting in some serious hours!  He leaves the house at 5:45 a.m. and gets home around 10:30 p.m. where he can enjoy a fresh, gourmet meal prepared by his chef-like wife.  Or, really, he warms up whatever I made the boys five hours previously for their dinner.

What is he doing, you may ask?  Well, he's helping cows have calves, taking care of calves, feeding, pushing up feed, and recently, they also harvested the alfalfa for the second time this summer.  Besides that, there's the regular herd care of giving them vaccinations, taking care of any that need special attention, and working with the rest of the team (milking, calf care, feeding) to make sure everything goes smoothly.  Plus, my family has been visiting, so he's been making time to hang out with them!

We do get away for things like golfing, or spending an afternoon with the boys, and we got to spend a lot of time with our families on July 4th.  Again, this is thanks to great employees and my dad!

Probably our best night out was when we spent two hours at AT&T trying to switch to them from Verizon.  (We can't complete a call in our home or on our farm any longer.)  Two hours later ... they still hadn't switched us over, due to the longest process in the entire world.  We gave up.  Let me tell you - when you get a night out that's exactly how you want to spend it.

So, that's our July here.  Calves, alfalfa, family, and fun.  Enjoy the video and your summer days!

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