Monday, May 19, 2014

The view

I know people have all sorts of views out their windows - oceans, mountains, spectacular sunsets - but I love our view of cows in the pasture.

We had so much rain last week that after we had the cows out, we had to put them back into the barn again for a few days.  It was so muddy out there that if they walked all over it, they'd completely ruin the pasture and it would be just a giant mud hole.  (Yes, they can do it that quickly!  Think Woodstock.)  So we put them back in again, it dried up enough, and they're back outside!

Now that it's spring there are a million things going on at once - we finally got our new mixer wagon delivered.  It's 50% bigger than the last one, so feeding all the cattle won't take as long.  We put in new cement and a new driveway on the calf barn.  Machines have been breaking - like always, and some have been returned, fixed.

But aside from all that, it's just nice to be out in the pasture again.  The cows and the boys agree.

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