Saturday, February 15, 2014

Home, home on the range

Kris' parents are half retired, so they spend winters in the Texas hill country.  Kris' sister and her husband also live in Texas.  We took the boys there to visit this last week.
And when I say hill country, I mean hill country.  Running on these hills is hard.
Alcohol isn't the only thing served in mason jars ... this restaurant also served chocolate milk.  Here's Jon Kidwell, promoting dairy as always:

Mike, a half-year dairy farmer, gets plenty of animals at his friends' house.  They had the cutest baby goats.  (I should call them kids, since I don't call calves baby cows, right?)

There were also friendly horses.

And as always, when Kris is with his dad, they talked dairy farming.  There's nothing they love to talk about more.  (The MSU Spartans come in a distant second.)

Then, it was back to our farm.  We're thankful as always for our wonderful employees.  Their reliability and work ethic make it possible for Kris to leave. 
And being warm for awhile also makes it possible to come back for some more cold! 

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