Sunday, November 11, 2012

Down on the farm

When Kris worked for Caterpillar, it was understood that we were going to move around a lot.  We had no problems with it - no kids, not much stuff, exciting.

Now that we live here, we live here.  Our farm and business is here.  We're not going to be moving for a long time, if ever, depending on what happens in the future. 

Not only am I really invested in my community, but I also apparently have a new concern I've never had before.

I have really great friends here.  When one of them used to tell me that she had news, I would automatically guess that she was pregnant.  Not anymore!

Recently my friend called and said, "I have news!" 

I said, "Please don't tell me you're moving!"

Another friend started working in a city 2.5 hours away and commutes.  She started telling me about her job and I interrupted with, "You're moving.  I just know it!"  She hasn't yet.  Yet.

Last night we were out with another couple.  My friend began a story with, "Try not to be shocked."  I said, "You're moving!"

She laughed.  My response has become automatic.  The funny part is - she also has a farm.  She's not going anywhere either.

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