Monday, December 5, 2011

Granary roof

Buildings always need some upkeep.  Old barns and granaries are no exception ... especially when your great grandpa built them.

My great grandpa Floyd Anderson built a barn and granary over 100 years ago.  They're sturdy buildings - we're still using them today.  Of course, they need roof work every so often. 

Today our builder was working on the granary roof.  Instead of shingles, which need replacing more often, we had him put on steel. 

I went over to look at it when they were tearing off the shingles.  It was interesting to see the old boards underneath the shingles - rough sawn boards, super old looking.

I remembered this article we had about the house and barn that was in Michigan Farmer.

This is from 1928, when it was designated as a 'Michigan Farm Home'. (The granary is on the right.)

The article also had a picture of our house.  I was surprised - there was a large tree in the yard that isn't there now.  But this fall we planted one in that exact same spot!

Roof work, tree planting, farming.  Some things never change.  Well, the roof is white instead of gray.  BIG difference.

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Alejamuel Sultz said...

It's quite great, don't you think? That old building still stands strong thanks to the efforts of the original builders. Of course, credit goes to the one who maintains them. A roof, especially a granary, needs to have a leak-proof roof to ensure that the contents inside are not damaged.