Monday, March 20, 2017

Happy spring!

Today's the first day of spring! It really seemed like it - warmish, super muddy, and smelled like dirt.  Ahh!

The cattle that live partly outside grow a winter coat.  I like their fluffy look.  They'll shed it soon, just like my children have already shed their coats and shoes.  (It was nearly 50 today, after all!)

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In other news ... I served on a GMO Task Force this past six months.  The Michigan Farm Bureau board asked us to be on it to research the issue and come up with conclusions of what action should occur.  Today we presented our findings to the board.  (Someone said, "Carla, stand in the back, you're tall."  Thanks for the boost, shoes!)

Kris said he feels like we're in a holding pattern.  It's the end of winter, the cold is supposedly over, but it's the time before EVERYTHING HAPPENS AT ONCE.  Soon, calving, planting, work work work.  

But before that ... more meetings!  We're headed to more this week.  I'm not wearing a coat to any of them.

Want to know more about the farm?  I post a lot of pictures on Facebook. Come on over.

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