Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Fourth grade cheese tasting

The United Dairy Industry of Michigan (Brianna Banka) in conjunction with Fuel Up to Play 60 awarded a grant for the December Healthy Snack at St Johns Public Schools.

Today at Gateway North, which is the Ag-STEM school in St Johns, Michigan State University nursing students Danielle Flach and Stephanie Cosentino put together a dairy lesson and cheese tasting for the fourth grade classes!  Karla Palmer (district school nurse) and I also helped out.

First, Danielle and Stephanie showed an educational and good 4-minute video about dairy farming. Then they presented on the healthy aspects of dairy and why it's important especially for growing children.  I talked about how milk is turned into cheese and why it's important to Fuel Up to Play 60.

Then they had ... a cheese tasting!  They gave each fourth grader their own samples of gouda, pepperjack, and cheddar cheese.  (They also gave every kid in the school string cheese sticks.)

The kids were SO excited!  "Cheese!  Cheese!  Cheese!" they yelled.  They all tasted it and most gobbled it down immediately, even if some had to get drinks after the pepperjack.

These kids are so fun - several also asked me for my autograph (I have no idea why) and hugged me.  I'm so glad to have this student/farmer relationship!

Thank you to everyone for a nice day and a great healthy snack ... it sure was gouda.


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