Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Goodbye, 2014

Wow - the end of the year.  This Christmas season has been filled with dairy delights away from home, and standard work here on the farm!

In my boys' Christmas parties at school, parents brought adorable string cheese snowmen, while another party featured ice cream sundaes.  (These weren't my ideas, but I was incredibly supportive.  Elizabeth Marvel and Christa Carpenter donated them, respectively.)

Kris worked Christmas morning as always - while the boys open their stockings and then wait for him to open presents.  This is the way it's always been for them - and for Kris and me as kids - so they don't mind.  Kris said that he doesn't mind working Christmas morning, because it's a responsibility he likes having.  Our employees are always really good about working around each other's schedules on the holidays.  Cows need to be milked, and family parties need to be attended!

Other than that, the holiday season has been pretty relaxed ... trying to get the work done in between family and friends and visits.  The big projects always start in the new year!

Like I signed my Christmas card - I hope your new year is full of happiness, buttery rolls, creamy egg nog, and glass after glass of milk!  (This is how everyone is signing their letters now.)

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