Saturday, August 30, 2014

Chocolate milk, please

Our co-op - Michigan Milk Producers Association - donated chocolate milk to give out at the end of the Farm to Fork 5k today.

The race put on by Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers, which is a St Johns-based company - it started near our house, and now has an international presence.  The Bancroft family donates a lot to the community, and the money from this race went to the Greater Lansing Food Bank.

The race went through corn fields, peanut fields, and even a field of sunflowers.  They had a great turnout! Tons of our neighbors were there and ... lots of them were farmers!  Farm family after farm family, lots of farmer age group winners, a dairy farmer team running ... people we rent land from to farm because their parents farmed ... it was a good showing by farmers today.

The boys and I handed out chocolate milk at the end, along with another dairy farm family neighbor.  I love seeing people drinking down nature's recovery drink!  (I drank mine in 2.5 seconds.)

Thanks to Liquid, Alex from MMPA, and all the volunteers!  Nothing like a run through the fields - and chocolate milk - to start off a morning.

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