Thursday, October 3, 2013

The end

It's the end of the corn chopping and we're well into fall.  It's gorgeous, sunny, and warm.  We're soaking up every minute of it, just like the cattle!

Kris was pointing out some of the new cattle we've purchased in the pasture.  He showed me that the new ones stick together.  They all have ear tags identifying them, so it was easy to see.  Cliques in the pasture!   

Today we had a going away party for one of our longtime employees.  He's going to work with his dad at the business his dad started.  We're going to miss him, but I can't think of a better reason for moving on - work in the family business?!  Sure!

Speaking of working with your dad, the cows got out the other day.  (A gate had been left open.)  Kris happened to see it from afar while the boys and I were with him.  Kody used the quad to chase the ones far away back into the barn, while Cole and Max held a wire fence to block them off.  Actually, Cole was pulling with all his might and Max was holding his hand.  Kris and I were also being human fences and Ty was chasing the cows in. 

When we'd gotten half of the cows back in the barn they tried to run back out.  Kris yelled at them, "Ya!  Ya!  "  Translation - get back in the barn. 

Max said, "I'm scared!"  The reason?  He'd never heard Kris yell before!  (Hearing me yell?  Not at all scary.) 

They went in pretty quickly, no problem.  Afterward, Cole said, "Aw, I wanted to chase the cows.  I LOVE when the cows get out!"

And that was the first time - and probably the last - those words have ever been spoken on our farm. 

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