Friday, March 29, 2013

Welcome to your new home!

Today was so exciting!  We welcomed 71 new cows to our farm.
We bought them from a lovely woman we met through our milk co-op.  She cares about her cows very much and said she was happy to send them to a good home.  Of course, we're happy to have them! 
After permits and working through the trucking contacts, we were able to do it all in one trip - two semis and one trailer. 
Here's the trailer, which came first:
Then the semis came ... and the milk truck, at the same time.  It was quite a coincidence that they all came at the same time.  The milk truck driver, Justin, got out and greeted us all like he was a rock star and we were waiting for him.  Normally he doesn't have such a crowd gathered! 
But we were all ready and waiting to watch the new cows come.
So the first semi backed in ... which did not look easy to do, by the way ...
The cows were separated into different sections into the semi with gates.  So we just opened the gates and they casually walked down the ramp into the barn.  They were all eager to check out their new place.  They immediately ate, drank, or walked around sniffing at everything.
It all went smoothly.  Super cool.

Josh, Kris, Kody, and Mike - some of our happy team members ... ready to milk more cows! 
The milking tonight went fine.  (They were milked this morning at their old place and then have to be milked here tonight.  You can't skip a milking because they would really be uncomfortable.) 

I could hear them mooing when I was out in the yard.  As soon as the weather allows, we'll be putting them out on pasture.  Seventy-one more cows to make the view from our windows beautiful!


Marilyn said...

congrats on the new additions. How many cows are you now milking?

Carla said...

Thanks - and you to yours! She's so cute! We just dried up most of them, so after they have calves, we'll be milking about 400.